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This is a guide to help you get started hosting collaborative, joyful sessions that could never be an email πŸš€. Welcome to InSpace, we’re so happy you’re here!

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Getting Started

These guides will introduce you to InSpace’s essential features.

πŸš€ What is InSpace?

πŸ€“ Quick Start Guide

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🌌 Spaces 101

🎑 Experience Hub

🏫 LMS Integrations

πŸƒ Canvas Quick Start

😍 How does InSpace compare to Meet and Zoom?

πŸ‘¨β€πŸ« Hosting Office Hours with InSpace


Everything you do on InSpace takes place in a Space. You can customize your Spaces by making them part of an Experience Hub, integrating with an LMS, and more.

🌌 Spaces 101

πŸ›°οΈ Types of Spaces

πŸ“‹ Dashboard

🎑 Experience Hub

πŸ›οΈ Auditorium Space

🍰 Layered Breakout Rooms

πŸ“… Inviting Participants

πŸ›‘οΈ Security Settings

πŸ” Who can access my Space?

πŸ”Ž Who can access my LMS Space?

😎 Personal Settings

🎭 InSpace Roles & Permissions

🏫 LMS Integrations

πŸ”‘ How to create an Open Space

❌ Remove a participant from your session

πŸ‘¨β€πŸ« Hosting Office Hours with InSpace

Space Setup

Spaces are where you run your sessions. Here’s how to customize them with breakout rooms, backgrounds, and more!

⛓️ Breakouts

πŸ’¬ Chat Permissions

πŸ‘‰ Proximity Audio

πŸ”’ Locked Rooms

πŸ“… Inviting Participants

🎨 Custom Backgrounds

πŸ‘¨β€πŸŽ¨ Customizing the Experience Hub

β™Ώ Accessibility

πŸ”‘ How to create an Open Space

πŸŽ’ Suggestions for K-12 Customers


Collaborate in context with InSpace’s integrations. Use them with the whole group or in your breakouts.

βšͺ Miro Whiteboard

πŸ“ LaTeX Integration

πŸ‘©β€πŸ« Embeddable Teaching Tools

πŸš— Google Drive Integration

πŸ“‚ PDF & PowerPoint Cloud Share

🏭 Interactive Polls

⏰ Timer

πŸ—“οΈ Google Calendar

🎧 Share Music

πŸ“Ό Video Player

In-Session Features

These features help your session run smoothly and engage all participants!

✌️ Co-hosts

πŸ“Ί Screenshare

πŸ“Ή Recording

✍️ Annotations

⌨️ Keyboard Controls

πŸ’ͺ Persistent Content

πŸ“ Session Transcript

πŸ—―οΈ Closed Captioning

🎢 Play Music or Tab Audio

🐦 Birds' Eye and Focus Mode

πŸ’Œ Invite Participants to Join Your Subspace in the Experience Hub 

Technical Guides

Consult these guides for support with your device and browser.

πŸ“±InSpace Mobile App

πŸ’» System Requirements

πŸ“Ά Browser Compatibility Guide

πŸ“› Firewall and Allowlisting Instructions

🏫 LMS Integrations Guide

πŸ“” Classroom LTI Features

πŸƒ Canvas Quick Start

πŸ”΅ Microsoft Azure AD SSO

πŸ™ Okta SSO

πŸ•΄οΈSAML2 SSO Integration

🎯 ADFS SSO Integration

πŸ–₯️ Screensharing Troubleshooting

πŸ“· Camera Troubleshooting

🎀 Microphone Troubleshooting

🌐 Browser Troubleshooting

😫 Trouble connecting to InSpace?

🚨 Troubleshooting: LMS Integration Error

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