Discover the Features of InSpace's Auditorium Space for Large Virtual Events

Experience seamless live questioning, capacity for up to 500 attendees, customizable backgrounds, screen sharing, and more with InSpace's Auditorium Space.

    Features of our Auditorium Space include:

    • Host-moderated live questioning feature lets attendees step up to the mic to ask questions during presentations.
    • Capacity for up to 500 attendees.
    • A stage for up to six speakers at once.
    • Full chat capability between all attendees.
    • Customizable background image.
    • Screen sharing for optimal presentations.
    • Automatic closed captioning, StreamText integration, and manual live closed captioning.

    A screen capture of the Auditorium shows six speakers presenting. They are sharing a screen with a math problem displayed in the center of the stage. Their circles are largest and appear at the bottom of the screen. Attendees with questions are visible speaking on the top right of the screen, while the remaining attendees are arranged in rows on the right side of the presentation.


    Untitled designA screen capture of the Auditorium shows a single speaker onstage. The audience is shown at the side of the screen with cameras off and muted. Their circles are arranged in rows. 

    Learn how to attend an event in the InSpace Auditorium: