InSpace Host Dashboard: A Guide for Managing Your Sessions

Learn how to use the InSpace Host Dashboard to manage your sessions, customize access permissions, add co-hosts, and access session recordings and transcripts.

    The InSpace host dashboard provides you with a bird's eye view of all of your sessions and easy access to privacy settings, recordings, and transcripts. 

    When InSpace hosts first access their dashboards, they'll find one space already created for them. You can use that space to launch your first InSpace session.

    To rename the space, click the three dots next to the space name on the right side and choose edit. 

    You can also edit the access permissions. The easiest way to manage access is to leave it public. This means that anyone with the link to your space--that you shared with them--can join. You can also add your organization's domain to add a little more privacy. Finally, you can also add the email addresses of just those people who you want in the meeting.

    You'll also see options here to add a co-host to your session and to make this InSpace session your default meeting when using the Google Calendar extension. Learn more about the Google Calendar extension here! 

    Finally, you're able to access your session recordings and transcripts from the dashboard. Hosts may share, download, and delete both the .mp4 video and .vtt transcript files from their sessions. 


    Learn more about how to manage your recordings from the dashboard.