Understanding InSpace Proximity Audio

How Proximity Audio Enhances Participant Conversations and How to Manage It in Your Session

    Proximity audio allows participants on InSpace to hear audio only from those who are near them on the screen. Audio naturally fades away as they move away from others.

    How does proximity audio affect the InSpace session environment?

    When proximity audio is activated, it can allow multiple conversations to happen simultaneously within a space, because people can hear only those nearest to them and will not be distracted by the sounds of other conversations.

    Can individual participants turn off proximity audio?

    Hosts and participants can override proximity audio at any time by clicking on the speaker icon to use broadcast mode, allowing a participant's audio to be shared across the space regardless of where they are located on the screen.

    How can proximity audio be turned off for the entire space?

    The InSpace environment allows the host to toggle proximity audio on and off so that it can be used only when needed.

    1. Click on the “Setup Space” icon in the host control toolbar.
    2. On the top of the popup window, toggle on/off “Proximity in the main space area.”
    3. When the proximity audio has been toggled on or off, everyone receives a notification that this setting has been adjusted.