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Using InSpace Birds' Eye and Focus Modes

In this guide, we'll explore how to utilize InSpace's Birds' Eye and Focus modes to enhance your collaboration and session management experience.

Whether you're an instructor, host, or participant using breakout rooms, understanding Birds' Eye and Focus mode can help you make the most out of your InSpace sessions.

Birds' Eye Mode: Overview of Breakout Rooms Birds' Eye Mode provides an insightful overview of all active breakout rooms, catering to hosts and facilitators overseeing multiple discussions. Here's how it works:

  1. Constant Visibility: In InSpace, you always have a complete view of breakout rooms, even when they are in use. This ensures that you can always see breakout rooms and participants.

  2. Session Management: As a host or facilitator, Birds' Eye Mode allows you to stay informed about ongoing conversations across different rooms. You can quickly assess who's participating, monitor discussions, and maintain an overall understanding of your session's dynamics.

  3. Effortless Navigation: Participants can easily move between breakout rooms by clicking and dragging their circle. This seamless navigation ensures smooth communication and interaction, enhancing engagement within your session.

Focus Mode: Immersive Engagement Focus Mode is perfect when you need to concentrate on a specific task or interaction within a breakout room. Here's how to make the most of Focus Mode:

  1. Zooming In: Imagine you're collaborating on a document or having a focused meeting in a breakout room. To enter Focus Mode, simply click on the arrows at the top of the Breakout Room (next to the room name). This can be done by anyone, whether they're a student or faculty member.

  2. Enhanced View: Once in Focus Mode, your chosen space, whether it's a document or a meeting, will be maximized to fit your entire screen. This provides an immersive and clear view, enabling you to engage deeply in your tasks without distractions.

  3. Seamless Switching: Switching between Birds' Eye and Focus Modes is effortless. Just click the arrows again to return to Birds' Eye Mode, giving you a quick overview of other breakout rooms. This feature ensures you can stay informed while focusing on specific interactions.

InSpace's Birds' Eye and Focus modes offer versatile ways to manage and engage within breakout rooms. Birds' Eye provides constant visibility and session oversight, while Focus Mode enhances your immersive engagement with a specific task or interaction. Mastering these modes empowers hosts, facilitators, and participants to make the most out of their collaborative sessions. 

Don't forget to check out our YouTube tutorial on this topic for a visual walkthrough of Birds' Eye and Focus modes. Happy collaborating with InSpace! 🚀