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How to Use Padlet and other Embeddable Tools with InSpace

Many popular teaching tools can be embedded with a code. By copying and pasting an embed code into the InSpace Miro integration, you can bring your favorite tools into the center of your InSpace session for collaborative work.

Creating an engaging, interactive virtual space is a breeze with InSpace and Miro! This guide will walk you through the process of embedding a Padlet onto a Miro board, and then presenting it in your InSpace virtual space, but the tips can apply to any embeddable teaching tool, such as Nearpod, Flip, EdPuzzle, or Peardeck. 

Step 1: Retrieve the Embed Code

  1. Start by retrieving the embed code from the item you wish to embed (consult the help guide for your desired tool for assistance with this). Popular tools include Padlet, Nearpod, Flip, EdPuzzle, and Peardeck. 
  2. Typically, this will be found in the Share settings under an option to Embed in your LMS, blog or website.
  3. Copy the full embed code.

Step 2: Embed your tool onto a Miro Board

  1. Head over to Miro (you can use the Miro site or work inside of InSpace) and start out with a blank board.
  2. Go down to the bottom left side and open up the sidebar.
  3. Click on Create a Frame (In Miro, a frame is like a slide in PowerPoint or Google Slides).
  4. On your newly created frame, paste the embed code. To do this:
    1. Click on More Apps in the Miro toolbar.
    2. Search for Embed to bring up the Embed Iframe Code app.
    3. Paste the embed code into the app.
  5. Resize the embedded tool to fit your frame by pulling on the corners.

Step 3: Present Your Miro Board in InSpace

  1. Head over to your InSpace session.
  2. Open up the whiteboard and select your whiteboard.
  3. Click Present to center your content and make it easily visible to your students.
  4. Click on the grid in the background to trigger the 'Open' button, and click 'Open'. Students should complete this step as well. 
  5. Your Padlet should now be visible and interactable inside your InSpace session!

With these steps, you can easily combine the functionality of InSpace, Miro, and your favorite embeddable teaching tools to create an interactive, engaging online learning experience. Whether you're facilitating an asynchronous class or leading a live session, this integration offers additional flexibility and collaboration to your virtual classroom.