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How to Collaborate on Google Drive Files during InSpace Sessions

Learn how to seamlessly collaborate on Google Drive documents in your InSpace session by following these easy steps.

    What's even better than just sharing your screen? Sharing your editable Google Drive documents so users can seamlessly collaborate without leaving your InSpace session. 

    All participants can quickly present Google documents, slides, sheets, and more without collaboration simply by selecting 'Screen share.' The feature discussed in this article focuses on collaboration using Google Drive. Please reference our other Knowledge Base articles to learn about presenting with Google Slides or PowerPoint.

    InSpace screen sharing allows users to collaborate on Google Drive documents inside the InSpace setting.

    To use this feature, use the Start Sharing button [ctrl + shift + s] on the user toolbar, then click Collaborate.

    In the 'Google Drive URL' box, paste the URL of any Google Doc, Slides, or Sheet. Click 'Present.' Your document will appear in large format. Everyone in your session can now click on the document and edit it.

    • Ensure your document is 'shared' so everyone in your session can view and edit it. To learn more about Google Share settings, please follow this link
    • If it is important to you to track who is making changes to your document, change your document's settings to 'anyone in [your domain]' can edit. This will require participants to sign in before editing.
    • If you are having trouble getting everyone signed in and just want to make sure that everyone can participate, or you are working with folks outside of your organization, temporarily change your document's share settings to "anyone with the link can edit" to make sure that everyone in your session can participate. You can always change this back afterward for security.
    • If a participant states that they are unable to see your document and you are certain that it is shared correctly, cue the user to sign into their Google account. You can also share your Google document directly with their email address to ensure access.