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How to Annotate Shared Content with InSpace

The InSpace annotation feature enhances your virtual class sessions by enabling you to emphasize key points, underline critical vocabulary, or provide quick feedback during your class or meeting.

The beauty of InSpace's annotation feature is that it's designed for quick, on-the-go moments and allows everyone in your room to participate.

What is the Annotation Feature?

The annotation feature in InSpace is a tool available for traditional screen sharing, which means sharing what's on your Chrome tab, in a window, or your entire screen. Unlike persistent annotations, saved for long-term use, the InSpace annotation feature is meant for quick, ephemeral uses. It's designed to disappear shortly after its creation, so you're not burdened with manual erasure before proceeding with your class or meeting.

This tool is great for:

  • Emphasizing important details
  • Underlining key vocabulary
  • Providing quick feedback

How to Use the Annotation Feature

To use the annotation feature, you must first access the share screen settings on the right side of your InSpace interface. Choose the traditional style of screen share, which allows you to share a Chrome tab, window, or your entire screen. Once your screen is shared, you can annotate it.

Here's a step-by-step guide:

  1. Go to the share screen settings on the right side of the InSpace interface.
  2. Choose the original style of screen share.
  3. Select what you want to share: a Chrome tab, a window, or your entire screen.
  4. Begin your annotation.

Points to Note

  • The annotation tool is intended for quick, ephemeral use during the class or meeting. It's not designed to save and share long-term notes. If you need to create persistent annotations that can be shared out afterward, consider using Miro, another InSpace integration with a whiteboard feature.

  • The annotations disappear quickly, enabling you to move swiftly through your slides without spending extra time erasing them.

  • Everyone in your room can use the annotation tool, promoting interactive learning and collaboration.

Remember, the InSpace annotation feature is a versatile tool to enhance engagement and focus during virtual classes or meetings. Whether you're underlining key terms, pointing out significant details, or providing quick feedback, this tool can significantly improve your online learning environment.