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Collaborate with Your Team using Miro Whiteboard on InSpace

Follow These Simple Steps to Use Miro with InSpace and Create Seamless Collaborative Moments

    InSpace has integrated Miro, a whiteboard but better, into our platform. Miro is the online collaborative whiteboard platform enabling teams to work effectively together, from brainstorming sessions and workshops to planning projects. 

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    Here are the steps to use Miro with InSpace:

    1. Click on 'Start Sharing' on the bottom right toolbar.

    2. Click the 'Whiteboard' option.

    3. Select the 'Create Board without registration' or 'Sign-in to choose a Miro board' option. 

    *Create a free Miro account by clicking here. Do you have an education-affiliated email address? Apply for a free educator or student Miro account for access to premium Miro features and even better capabilities for collaboration with InSpace!

    You can get a free Miro Education plan by applying here (their turnaround time is pretty quick once you verify your educator status). This gets you many features beyond the standard InSpace 'free' Miro plan, such as unlimited active boards (the InSpace free plan includes 3). We highly recommend taking this step so that you can (for example) have 4 different Miro boards displayed in 4 different breakout rooms at the same time, or teach 5 different courses, each with an active Miro board.
    Additionally: Your students can create a totally free basic plan (available to anyone) or they can create a verified student account with their email+ ID at that same link. Either option will make it so that their real names show up while they are working on your boards (instead of "Visiting Designer", "Visiting Innovator", etc.)

    Did you know?

    • You can use LaTeX mark-up language with the InSpace Miro integration. Check out our article and video on how to incorporate LaTeX into your collaborative sessions.
    • When you share a Miro whiteboard in an InSpace session, it will continue displaying until you take it down. This means you can curate content in your spaces at the front of the room and in the breakout rooms for participants to discover, even when you're not in the space. Learn more about persistent content.
    • You can embed nearly anything on a Miro Whiteboard -- think Padlet, Nearpod, Peardeck, and more. If it can be put in an iframe, you can put it on Miro and bring it into InSpace to work on it live inside of our space without clicking away to other tabs. Learn how to do this here! 
    • Have you hesitated to use Miro in the past due to wanting to structure your content on the whiteboard or struggling with students who couldn't 'locate' you on the board? Try Miro Frames, a newer feature which allow you to structure your content and navigate through it by presenting to students, effectively guiding them step-by-step through the whiteboard content you create together. Learn how to create and present with Frames in this article.
    • Interactive Presentation Mode is another way to engage learners while maintaining more structure and cohesion using Miro. This method allows you to use Board, Frames, or Activities (only available on some plans) to guide your students through your content. Learn more about Interactive Presentation Mode here.