Running Interactive Polls with InSpace's Custom Backgrounds and Proximity Audio

InSpace's custom backgrounds and proximity audio features provide an innovative method to run engaging polls during your sessions. This guide will show you how to conduct an interactive poll using these features.

1. Preparation: Start by creating and uploading your custom backgrounds for polling in your space. For resources on how to create these backgrounds, refer to our dedicated tutorial.

2. Initiating the Poll: Begin the poll by moving your participants around in an open space. Change your background to the desired poll background you've created, or select from one of the pre-set poll backgrounds available in the gallery.

3. Posing the Question: After selecting the appropriate background, pose your polling question. This method is ideal for breaking the monotony of a full group setting and sparking engaging discussions.

4. Sound Settings for the Poll: While posing the question and waiting for the participants to select their stance, ensure the session is set to "No Rooms" and the proximity audio is turned off. This ensures that all participants can hear each other.

5. Utilizing Proximity Audio: Once everyone has chosen their stance (Agree or Disagree), activate proximity audio. This enables those on the same side to engage in a smaller group discussion, only hearing others who voted similarly. This is ideal for enhancing participant interaction and promoting thoughtful discussions.

6. Wrapping up the Poll: Turn off the proximity audio to regroup after the discussion. You can then return to a neutral background and continue with your session.

InSpace's custom backgrounds and proximity audio bring a new layer of interaction and dynamism to online polls. Test it in your next session and see how it enhances participant engagement.