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Simplify Your Classroom Setup with InSpace's Saved Configuration Feature

Keep Your Classroom Configuration and Shared Content for Your Next Class


    As an instructor, you want to make the most of your time in the classroom and not spend valuable minutes setting up the same configuration and content each time you teach a class. InSpace's Saved Configuration Feature can help you do just that. This feature automatically saves the configuration of your classroom, including breakout rooms, background images, and breakout room names, so it's ready for your next class. Additionally, any shared content like Google documents, Miro boards, YouTube videos, or Cloud PPTs will still be available when the classroom is restarted.

    Saved Room Configuration: When you end your class, InSpace saves all the classroom configuration changes, saving you time when you next teach. This feature ensures that the same background image, breakout room layout, and breakout room names will be ready for your next class without having to set them up again manually.

    Saved Content Sharing: In addition to the Saved Room Configuration, InSpace also saves any shared content, including Google documents, Miro boards, YouTube videos, or Cloud PPTs so that they can be easily accessed again. If you leave the session or end the class while still displaying shared content in a breakout room, the same content will be displayed when the classroom is started again. This means you don't have to search for the content or upload it again, saving you time and simplifying the classroom setup process.

    With InSpace's Saved Configuration Feature, instructors can easily set up classrooms and share content for their next class, saving valuable time and reducing setup stress. This feature ensures that your classroom configuration and shared content are easily accessible and ready for your next class. So you can focus on what's important - teaching and engaging with your students.