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Integrating LaTeX Markup Language using Miro and InSpace for Virtual Education

Educators can seamlessly write and use equations in their virtual classrooms using the LaTeX markup language through the MiroTeX add-on.

InSpace is proud to offer full integration with the Miro whiteboard. Among the many features of this integration, educators can seamlessly write and use equations in their virtual classrooms using the LaTeX markup language through the MiroTex add-on. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to utilize this powerful tool in your InSpace classroom.

Step 1: Access Miro Integration If you haven't used our Miro integration before, find it in the sharing options located at the bottom right side of your InSpace screen. Click on the "Start Sharing" button and locate the whiteboard.

Step 2: Activate your Miro Account For first-time Miro users, you'll be prompted to activate a free account. As an educator or student, you're also eligible for a free Miro account through their educator and student program. Once your account is activated, all your Miro boards will show up in this section.

Step 3: Sharing a Miro Board Choose the board you want to share and set up the permissions so that anyone in your classroom can edit it. To share it, simply click "Embed". Your Miro whiteboard will then pop up in your InSpace classroom.

Step 4: Install the MiroTeX Add-on MiroTeX is an add-on that lets you use the LaTeX markup language inside Miro. After installing the add-on (available at this link), it will be able to modify your Miro boards. You can read more about the add-on from the creator here

Step 5: Using MiroTex With the MiroTeX add-on installed, you can open up your Miro board and begin writing equations using the LaTeX markup language. You can also use Miro's frames feature, similar to slides in PowerPoint or Google Slides, to move seamlessly between different sets of equations.

Step 6: Inputting and Editing Equations several input options are available in MiroTeX. You can type in your markup language or use integrated tools such as Math Live and MathJax. A virtual keyboard is also available for non-keyboard inputs. Though the equations are generated as image files and cannot be edited live, you can easily change numbers or replace selections.

Step 7: Collaborating and Sharing Once the equations are on your Miro board, students can come onto the board and annotate, providing an interactive learning experience. The boards can be shared with students after class and serve as a study aid or a reference.

This feature enhances the learning experience in class and makes the content accessible for students to reference later. It's a practical resource for working on class materials and then using them for review or reference later. This makes the MiroTeX integration a powerful tool for maximizing the benefits of your InSpace virtual classroom.