Steps for SAML2 SSO Integration with InSpace

InSpace offers SAML2 SSO integration for a smooth sign-on experience at your institution

We can complete a SAML2 integration asynchronously or on a call with your institution’s team. This typically includes your SSO point person and, optionally, a representative from your SSO provider (for example, PortalGuard).

Step 1: Provide a certificate, log-in URL, and test user

InSpace requires a certificate from your institution and the log-in URL. Please provide the following to InSpace:

  • The certificate should be SAMLP server public key encoded in PEM or CER format.
  • Your SSO log-in URL.
  • A test user so InSpace can test the full login flow. 

Step 2: InSpace shares a metadata file with your team

Once the information from Step 1 is shared with InSpace, we will produce and send the compressed (.zip) metadata file to your SSO team. We will also provide a testing URL. 

Step 3: Integrate and test the SSO

Integrate the .zip file and test it on your side using the URL provided by InSpace in Step 2. If desired, make an appointment with InSpace and your SSO provider for live testing and finalization of the integration live on the call. 

Step 4: Connect email domains to SSO

After a successful test, InSpace will connect your email domains to the SSO. Please provide all relevant email domains so we can ensure that all users have access. After this step is complete, you'll be able to sign in using your own log-in URL. 

More SSO Documentation: