How to Customize Your InSpace User Profile: Display Name, Pronouns, and Profile Picture

Learn how to update your name, pronouns, and profile picture on InSpace, including options for Google

When you create an account, you provide us with your name by way of the email address used at sign-up. 

Users who sign up with Google will automatically take on their Gmail account's name and profile picture. There are two ways to change these settings while using InSpace. 

Method 1: The InSpace Join Screen

A profile picture may be added to your account from the Join Screen of any InSpace session. Locate the dropdown arrow next your email address (displayed on the top right side of the Join Screen). Clicking that arrow reveals the option to upload a profile picture.

Profile pictures can be adjusted in-app by zooming in or cropping. Files should be .png or .jpeg format.

Method 2: From the InSpace Session Sidebar

A profile picture may also be added while you are participating in an InSpace session. Open the InSpace Session Sidebar, then click the Profile Settings icon. You'll see a link to upload a profile picture. 


    How to adjust your display name and pronouns

    InSpace will automatically display the name associated with your email address account and mirror the formatting. For example, if your email account displays your name as Penman, John when sending emails, it will also show your name in that format with InSpace. 

    To adjust this setup, simply navigate to any InSpace Join Screen and type your name as you would like it to be displayed. We recommend using both your first and last names. Once you have changed your display name on the join screen, InSpace will retain the changes. 

    You may also add pronouns on this screen. These can be added, adjusted, or removed any time by visiting the Join Screen. 

    If you join a session and realize your displayed name or pronouns are incorrect, return to the Join Screen by clicking the red Exit Door in your session. You can adjust your name and pronouns on the Join Screen, then rejoin your session.