How to Customize Your InSpace User Profile: Display Name, Pronouns, and Profile Picture

Learn how to update your name, pronouns, and profile picture on InSpace, including options for Google

    When you create an account, you provide us with your name by way of the email address used at sign-up. 

    Users who sign up with Google will automatically take on their Gmail account's name and profile picture. There are two ways to change these settings while using InSpace. 

    1. Profile images, user display names, and pronouns can all be customized with InSpace. 
    2. Users who created an account with Google will default to the Gmail account's name and profile picture. 
    3. Change your display name and add your pronouns on the Join Screen. If you need to change this while in a session, step out by clicking the Leave button, adjust, and rejoin. 
    4. Profile pictures are changed in the InSpace toolbar. Choose user settings (on the far right), then upload an image.