Quick Start Guide

👍 Ready to jump in? Here’s how to get started right away with InSpace.

1. Sign in to InSpace

To get started, log into InSpace from 💻 your browser. InSpace works best in Google Chrome, but Brave, Edge, and Firefox are also fine. InSpace is not compatible with Safari.

You can also use InSpace with iOS and Android.

2. Visit and bookmark your Dashboard (ctrl/cmd D)

You'll see your InSpace Dashboard and your first Space when you log in for the first time. On the Dashboard, you can create spaces, access session recordings, and manage your session data.

You’ll also see your first Space pre-created for you on the Dashboard. This is a Single Space that you can customize and use for classes, meetings, and more. Learn more about the Dashboard here.

3. Design your first Space

Click on your Space to open it in a new tab and join it. Once inside, you can change the room setup and customize the background. To learn how, check out Spaces 101

4. Connect your Google Calendar

It’s easier to send invites, see and plan your upcoming sessions, and update existing invites with InSpace links if you connect InSpace to your calendar. If you use Google Calendar, check out our integration

5. Get inspired by InSpace Resources & Toolkits

Engaging and joyful sessions are within reach! Learn more about how to set up your space for collaboration and connection with students with our Get Started With InSpace guide. 

6. Invite Participants

InSpace is better with friends! To learn how to invite participants to your sessions, check out Inviting Participants. Send them the Participant’s Guide to InSpace to make the process even easier!

7. Join an orientation

If you’d like to learn more about InSpace in a group, 🧭 sign up for an orientation with the InSpace team.