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Using Timers in InSpace Sessions through YouTube Integration

InSpace offers a convenient way to integrate timers into your sessions. This guide provides a step-by-step process for using timers with the YouTube integration tool.

1. Searching for a Timer on YouTube: Search for a timer on YouTube that best fits your needs. For example, you can search for a 'five-minute timer'. Copy the link of the timer video.

2. YouTube Integration on InSpace: Return to your InSpace session and paste the copied link into the YouTube integration tool. Click 'Present' to start the timer.

3. Adjusting Your Space: By default, presenting a YouTube video takes you to the presentation room. However, you can move around the space and change the setup according to your needs. You can also remove the presentation room altogether,  move to the discussion room, or open breakout rooms.

4. Using Timers in Different Scenarios: Timers can be especially useful in combination with breakout rooms. For example, while conducting a session where students are working in various breakout rooms, a timer at the front of the room can help everyone stay on track with time management.

5. Timers and Space Setups: Note that the location of the timer depends on where you are when you start presenting it. If you start presenting a timer while inside a room, it will be pinned inside that room. However, when changing your space setup, the timer will stay pinned to the front of the room.

6. Additional Integrations: Apart from YouTube, you can also use timers with Miro and Google Drive integrations, dropping timers onto Miro boards or Google Slides.

Integrating timers into your InSpace sessions can significantly enhance time management and participant engagement. Try it in your next session and see how it can transform your online interaction.