Adjust InSpace Session Security: A Guide for Hosts

Learn how to customize security settings and use in-session features for a safe and secure collaboration experience.

    InSpace provides various security settings and features for hosts to ensure the safety and privacy of participants during a session. As a host, you have the flexibility to customize your session security level using the dashboard and adjust in-session security features as needed. In this guide, we'll show you how to select and modify the security level of your session and how to use various in-session security features such as muting participants, restricting chat, and managing breakout rooms. Read on to learn how to make the most of these tools for a safe and secure collaboration experience on InSpace.

    Adjust Session Security on the Host Dashboard 

    Hosts can select the security level of their sessions on the dashboard. These settings can be selected when creating a session and can be modified at any time by returning to the session card on the dashboard. 

    InSpace Session Security: Who can access your InSpace sessions?  

    In this video, you'll learn how to choose and adjust the security settings for your session. Only the creator of a session can make these changes.  

    In-Session Security Features 

    Hosts and attendees have many settings options for ensuring security and safety for participants during a session. Watch the video to see a preview of these features in action.  

    Adjust Session Security on the Host Dashboard

    InSpace sessions have three levels of security: Public, Organizational, and Specific Audience. Use the Dashboard to customize the settings for your hosted sessions. 

    Remove a Participant

    InSpace allows you to temporarily or permanently remove participants from your sessions. Learn more about how this works in this article. 

    In-Session Security Features

    • Mute Everybody is used to minimize disruptions. Participants can unmute themselves. The button is located on the top left side in the Host Toolbar.
    • Mute an individual participant by opening the attendee list, clicking the three dots next to their name, and selecting Mute
    • Turn off an individual's camera by opening the attendee list, clicking the three dots next to their name, and selecting Stop video.
    • Restrict or disable the chat by opening the chat toolbar, clicking options, and using the toggles to adjust your settings.
    • To take over presentation rights, click Share screen and choose Present to interrupt a presentation.
    • Only co-hosts and hosts can take over presentations. Attendees may request to share while others are presenting and must be approved by the current presenter. 
    • Use the Closed Captions button on the top right toolbar to enable typed closed captions or activate third-party generated closed captions.  
    • Visually connected breakout rooms allow for audio-isolated conversation. Hosts use the Setup Space button in the Host Toolbar to open Breakout Rooms.
    • Locked Breakout Rooms can be activated by the host. Attendees must knock to enter and be admitted to the locked room by a host. Attendees can step out of a locked room at any time.