K-12 Classrooms + InSpace

Find tips, templates, and resources to set up InSpace collaboration and community-building opportunities for your K-12 students.

Custom Backgrounds and Templates

InSpace Custom Backgrounds Starter Kit (via Google Drive)

InSpace Circles and Rooms Templates (via Canva)

K-12 Custom Background Ideas Templates (via Canva)

Back Pocket Background Templates (via Canva)

K-12 Specific Video Resources

InSpace for K-8 Instructors (16:50)

How to Turn Direct Chat Messaging On and Off (2:19)

Creating and Managing InSpace Class Sessions for K-12 Customers without an LMS (2:22)

Canvas + InSpace for Students K-12 Version (1:51)

How to remove a participant from your session (0:52)

General Resource Guide with Videos

Planning Resources

Getting Started with InSpace

InSpace Games & Activities

Intentional Planning with InSpace

Build a Better Breakout Room

Facilitate the InSpace Way - Event Planning Guide

Canvas Quick Start

InSpace Accessibility Guides

Student Support Resources

Participant's Guide to InSpace

Student Help Resources (Quick Reference)