How to remove a participant from your session

Learn how to maintain a peaceful and productive online learning environment by removing disruptive participants from your session.

In InSpace, maintaining a productive and respectful environment is essential for effective collaboration. If you encounter a disruptive participant during your session, you have the flexibility to take action. You can either temporarily remove them or prevent them from rejoining your session. This article will guide you through the process step by step.

Temporary Removal vs. Permanent Ban Before we dive into the steps, it's important to understand the difference between temporarily removing a participant and imposing a permanent ban. Temporarily removing a participant means they will be ejected from the session but can rejoin. A permanent ban, however, will prevent them from rejoining the session that day, but they can rejoin when you open it again. 

Here's How to Remove a Participant:

  1. Identify the Participant: Locate the participant in your session whom you wish to remove due to disruptive behavior.

  2. Access the Options: To initiate the removal process, hover your cursor over the participant's name in the Attendee List. You will notice an icon with three dots next to their name.

  3. Click the Three Dots: Click on these three dots, and a menu of options will appear.

  4. Choose the "Remove" Option: Select the "Remove" option from the menu. This action will initiate the removal process.

  5. Choose Temporary or Permanent Removal: You now have a choice. If you wish to temporarily remove the participant, leave the checkbox for "Prohibit user from rejoining this session" unchecked. This will eject them from the session temporarily but allow them to rejoin. If you want to block the participant from rejoining during your session, check the "Prohibit user from rejoining this session" box. This will prevent them from rejoining the session for the session duration. They can rejoin the next time you open the same session. 

  6. Participant Ejection: After confirming, the participant will be removed or banned, depending on your selection. They will no longer be part of your current session.

Important Note: If you permanently remove a participant, please remember that they can rejoin the session when you reopen it. The ban will only remain in effect until the next session.

InSpace gives you the control you need to maintain a positive and constructive atmosphere during your sessions. Use this feature judiciously to ensure an optimal experience for all participants.