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How does InSpace compare to Meet and Zoom?

Quickly compare InSpace, Meet, and Zoom features to determine which will best serve your needs at your next virtual gathering.



Google Meet


Screen share

Integrated Whiteboard

Zoom Whiteboard


Miro Whiteboard



Chat/notes feature

Cloud recording available with paid account

Breakout rooms


with Google+ Education account

View all breakout rooms at once

- -

On-screen collaborative editing 

- -

LaTeX mathematics notation integration available - -
Closed captions always available to view and controlled by participants -

Unlimited session length on all plans, even free trials



Free unlimited storage for recordings



While all three platforms offer whiteboards, recording, and cloud recording with paid accounts, InSpace offers these collaborative features along with on-screen collaborative editing, LaTeX mathematics notation integration, and permanent availability of closed captions, making it a comprehensive solution for virtual meetings and collaboration.