Campus Experience Hub: Customizable Virtual Event Space for up to 500 Participants

The Campus Experience Hub by InSpace is a virtual space featuring separate rooms, customizable features, and easy navigation.

    The Campus Experience Hub allows attendees to move seamlessly between separate rooms. Hosts can customize the session within each individual space with breakouts, discussions, and presentations. 

    A product image of the Campus Experience Hub space shows four individually labeled rooms in the Reception. This setup allows attendees to enter and exit each room easily. From Reception, attendees can also see who is in each room.

    Features of the Campus Experience Hub:

    • Capacity for up to 160 users in the standard configuration, with 40 users in each room. 
    • Easily allow attendees to navigate between rooms at their leisure, just like an actual conference.
    • Recording feature available inside each room.
    • Configure breakout rooms inside each space for attendees to network and discuss topics.
    • Fully customizable setup for room names and background images.
    • Space owners and co-hosts can add a total of 24 sub-spaces and an Auditorium Space to this configuration. The maximum capacity of this gathering space is 500 participants.
    • Separate URLs for each subspace and the reception area allow participants to copy and share their exact location with colleagues, increasing social connection and allowing event organizers to plan with precision. 
    • Thirty active participant videos are displayed at a time in the rooms to maximize bandwidth and user experience.
    • By default, when the Experience Hub is integrated, the same Experience Hub will be placed in all courses upon installation. 

    A product image of the Campus Experience Hub shows a view inside the space. The Home sidebar is expanded, showing the navigation options for seamless movement between the subspaces.

    Experience Hub Features

    • Intuitive space-to-space navigation – participants move seamlessly between spaces using the new Home sidebar for real-time navigation–no need to return to Reception first. 
    • Enhanced context and social connectedness across spaces – from the Home sidebar, participants see space images, user profile circles, and a list of participants in each space.
    • Improved reception area visibility – all participants see a list of everyone in Reception and the location of everyone already in a space.
    • Hosts and co-hosts customize spaces on the go –  a new customization panel on the reception screen allows hosts and co-hosts to rename subspaces and upload new reception background images while a session is running.
    • Customizable Experience Hub design  –  space owners and co-hosts can add and delete subspaces from the standard Experience Hub configuration. Additionally, all licensed InSpace users will now be able to add one Auditorium Space to the Experience Hub for keynote addresses, training sessions, and more! 
      • Space owners and co-hosts can add a total of 12 sub-spaces and an Auditorium Space to this configuration. The maximum capacity of this gathering space is 300 participants. 
    • Separate URLs for each Experience Hub subspace  – make event planning and social connectedness even smoother with InSpace. Unique URLs for each subspace within the Experience Hub allow participants and hosts to link directly to the right destination. Simply copy the link from the subspace card in reception or from the Home sidebar inside of any Experience Hub subspace.  
    • In the Experience Hub, anyone can invite participants from other sub-spaces to their location – even from reception – making staffing and collaboration woes a thing of the past.  
    • Editable welcome note: Hosts can now set a welcome message in Reception to warmly welcome students and set expectations for their virtual sessions in the Experience Hub. Messages may contain up to 150 characters. 
    • In the Experience Hub, hosts can now click to join other sub-spaces, save the recording, then seamlessly join the other space. 
    • InSpace Campus LTI for Canvas LMS
      • A new LMS integration that puts our Experience Hub directly into your Canvas course environment.
      • Integrate drop-in student services, tutoring, advising, and more in your students’ environment so they can access services quickly and in context.
    • Experience Hub pop-up for seamless customization of your space. Hosts can make space setup changes directly from the pop-up without entering ‘customize’ mode. Here’s what you can do:
      • Pen a default welcome message (up to 150 characters)
      • Add new spaces plus an Auditorium to your Hub
      • Delete existing spaces
      • Switch up the background images in your sub-spaces with custom images from your gallery.
      • Rename your sub-spaces
    • Improved location tool and messaging in the Reception area. In Reception, your icon will bounce upon joining to locate you, plus you’ll be able to clearly see everyone else in Reception.
    • Pop-up welcome message customizable by the host now appears at the side of the space and can be acknowledged and dismissed by participants.
    • Amplified navigation arrows to aid in discovering additional sub-spaces in the Experience Hub.