Supported Web Browsers with InSpace

Ensure optimal performance and compatibility with InSpace by using the recommended browsers or mobile apps for desktop and mobile devices.

    For Desktop

    Google Chrome (preferred)

    Please make sure you are operating with the latest version of Google Chrome. You may experience performance issues if you are using an outdated browser or operating system.  Learn more about how to download and install Google Chrome  or learn how to update Google Chrome.

    Microsoft Edge

    InSpace can be used with Microsoft Edge browser. Download the Microsoft Edge browser here .


    InSpace can be used with the Brave browser. Download the Brave browser here .


    InSpace is integrated with the Firefox browser, however there are limitations with Screen Sharing, and Recording from a users side. Please visit our article on Using Firefox with InSpace . Download the Firefox browser here .


    *Please note that InSpace is NOT compatible with the Safari Browser.

    For Mobile

    Apple iOS App

    When downloading the Apple iOS app for iPhone and iPad, InSpace Proximity


    When opening an InSpace session link, you'll be directed to Google Chrome.