Customizing the InSpace Campus Experience Hub

At InSpace, we’re responding to the demand for customizable, personalized drop-in student services support by continually updating and enhancing our Campus Experience Hub.

    The InSpace Campus Experience Hub's custom virtual campus spaces connect students with the services, resources, and support they need to succeed in school. 

    Our latest updates to the Campus Experience Hub give institutions the unprecedented ability to build custom virtual campus spaces connecting students to your institution’s resources—and it all takes just a click for you to create and a tap for them to access. 

    • Intuitive space-to-space navigation – participants move seamlessly between spaces using the new Home sidebar for real-time navigation–no need to return to Reception first. 
    • Enhanced context and social connectedness across spaces – from the Home sidebar, participants see space images, user profile circles, and a list of participants in each space.
    • Reception area visibility – all participants see a list of everyone in Reception and the location of everyone already in a space.
    • Hosts and co-hosts customize spaces on the go –  a new customization panel on the reception screen allows hosts and co-hosts to rename subspaces and upload new reception background images while a session is running.
    • Customizable Experience Hub design  –  space owners and co-hosts can add and delete subspaces from the standard Experience Hub configuration. Additionally, all licensed InSpace customers can now add one Auditorium Space to the Experience Hub for keynote addresses, training sessions, and more! 
    • Separate URLs for each Experience Hub subspace  – make event planning and social connectedness smoother with InSpace. Unique URLs for each subspace within the Experience Hub allow participants and hosts to link directly to the right destination. Copy the link from the subspace card in reception or the Home sidebar inside any Experience Hub subspace. 
    • Engaging Sub-Space Descriptions - ensure that everyone knows where to go and what to expect when they join the Experience Hub by adding sub-space descriptions. Customize each space with a 150-character description. Click the "i" icon to view the space description and easily close it with a click.
    • Welcome Notes to set the tone - upon first joining, participants will see your customizable pop-up welcome message. Learn how to add one here!
    • Invite participants to your space - when you're running student support services, it's essential to have coordinated communication and the ability to get students in front of the folks they need to meet. Use our Invite to Space function to coordinate the movement of students and staff across sub-spaces inside your Experience Hub.