Which LTI should I choose? InSpace Classroom vs. InSpace Campus

InSpace offers two LMS integrations to serve your virtual campus: Classroom and Campus. Read on to discover how each can support your student populations.

InSpace is now offering two different LMS integrations, one designed specifically for teaching & learning use cases in small format classrooms (<50 students), the other for student services, and other use cases serving larger populations.

InSpace Classroom is the original InSpace LTI integration. It offers a teaching and learning focus, with three dedicated spaces for working with students: the Virtual Office, Student Space, and Classroom. The video below showcases the InSpace Classroom integration. To install the InSpace Classroom LTI for Canvas, please use these integration instructions. 


InSpace Campus is our latest InSpace LTI integration, currently available for Canvas LMS. It puts our Experience Hub directly into your Canvas course environment so you can integrate drop-in student services, tutoring, advising, and more in your students’ environment, allowing them to access services quickly and in context. The video below shows how this new integration works. To install the InSpace Campus LTI, please use these integration instructions. Please note that you'll need to contact your customer success manager for assistance with the final enablement.