Customize Your InSpace Experience with Built-In and Custom Backgrounds

Elevate your InSpace sessions with unique and personalized backgrounds.

    InSpace offers a variety of built-in backgrounds to enhance your session, or you can create your own custom backgrounds to support your instruction. Learn how to change your background and create your own custom backgrounds with InSpace's easy-to-use tools. 


    Changing your background is easy and fun! Follow these steps:

    1. Click the “change background” picture icon from the host control toolbar.
    2. Click on one of the gallery images, or upload your own. The image will now appear as the background to your space.


    • To upload a custom background, use a higher-resolution image for the best results. The best resolution for InSpace background images is 3200px × 1800px. 
    • Many hosts find success creating images in slide creation applications or graphic design software using the dimensions 3200px x 1800px. 
    • Images may be uploaded as a JPEG or PNG. 
    • The maximum image size is 10MB. 


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