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How to Create Layered Collaborative Virtual Campus Setting with Nested Breakout Rooms in the Experience Hub

InSpace's Experience Hub has redefined the landscape of virtual meetings and collaboration, and at the heart of this revolutionary platform lies the concept of nested and layered breakout rooms.

Understanding the Nested Breakout Room Experience: The nested breakout room experience is a game-changer for virtual gatherings. At its core, the InSpace Experience Hub is designed with Subspaces that serve as breakout sessions within a broader event or student services hub.

To see the definitions of InSpace space types, check out this article. 

At events, often the Auditorium serves as the core space, with Subspaces serving as breakout rooms. In Student Services contexts, a Subspace is often designated as the central meeting space or 'Start Here' location, with other Subspaces functioning as breakout sessions. The breakout Subspaces act as dynamic collaboration spaces, allowing attendees to engage in focused discussions and interactions.

Seamless Transition from Auditorium to Breakout Spaces: The InSpace Experience Hub facilitates a smooth transition from a captivating keynote session in the auditorium to dedicated breakout spaces. The auditorium serves as the central stage for the event, where speakers can deliver their keynotes to a large audience. Once the keynote concludes, meeting organizers can effortlessly dismiss attendees to the breakout Subspaces for more interactive and collaborative discussions.

The Power of Subspaces: Each Subspace in InSpace is a fully collaborative environment, enabling participants to interact with one another seamlessly. These Subspaces are customizable and can be tailored to match the specific needs of different sessions. Attendees can join different Subspaces based on their interests or the topics that resonate with them, fostering an environment of active engagement. Up to 24 total Subspaces may be added to an Experience Hub, or 23 plus an Auditorium. The total capacity of an Experience Hub is 500 attendees. 

Unraveling Nested Breakout Rooms: The real magic of the nested breakout room experience unfolds within each Subspace. All attendees access multiple breakout rooms a host can open within the Subspace, creating a layered and interconnected structure. This nesting effect empowers meeting organizers to design an intricate hierarchy of breakout rooms, further enhancing the possibilities for customization.

Flexibility and Customization: The nested breakout rooms provide unparalleled flexibility and customization options for meeting organizers. Once inside a Subspace, organizers can open multiple breakout rooms to accommodate various discussion topics, interactive activities, and group sizes. This empowers participants to tailor their experience, enabling them to join breakout rooms that align with their preferences and objectives.

Unlocking the Full Potential: The nested and layered breakout rooms in InSpace's Experience Hub unlock the full potential of virtual meetings. Attendees benefit from engaging discussions and collaborative activities, creating an immersive experience that mirrors the dynamics of in-person gatherings. This enhanced level of interaction fosters better understanding, connection, and productivity.

InSpace's Experience Hub with nested and layered breakout rooms is revolutionizing how we conduct virtual meetings and collaborative sessions. By seamlessly transitioning from keynote sessions to focused breakout spaces and nested breakout rooms, InSpace empowers meeting organizers to create interactive and customized experiences. The result is an enriched virtual gathering that leaves participants inspired, connected, and motivated to take collaboration to new heights. Embrace the power of nested and layered breakout rooms in InSpace's Experience Hub and transform the way you engage with your audience in virtual settings.