How to Install InSpace Campus LTI 1.3 for Brightspace D2L LMS

A step-by-step guide on manually registering InSpace as an LTI Advantage integration and creating links to be used in courses.

    Manually register InSpace as an LTI Advantage integration

    1. Click on the settings icon, then click on Manage Extensibility
    2. Click the LTI Advantage Tab, then click Register Tool
    3. Enter the following information in the Register Tool form:
    4. Click Register
    5. Copy the ClientID, you will need to share this with InSpace so we can complete the setup.

    Create the Deployment

    1. Click on the Admin Menu and select External Learning Tools.
    2. Click on the LTI Advantage tab.
    3. Click on New Deployment. 
    4. On the deployment screen, enter these details:
    5. Under Tool, select the InSpace tool you registered earlier
    6. Name: InSpace
    7. Under Extensions Select: Names and RoleProvisioning Services
    8. Under Security Settings, ensure the following settings are selected:
      • Org Unit Information
      • User Information
        • Name
        • Email
        • User Id
        • Username
        • Org Defined ID
      • Link Information
        • Title
        • Description
      • Classlist including users not known to this deployment
    9. Select the Org Units you wish to enable this Deployment for
    10. Click Create Deployment
    11. Copy the Deployment ID. You will need to share this with InSpace to complete the setup.

    Please share the following information with InSpace

    • Client ID
    • Deployment ID
    • The URL of your BrightSpace instance 

    We need to enable the integration on our end before you will be able to access InSpace through D2L BrightSpace

    LTI 1.3 Link Creation

    The last step is creating the links to be used in the courses.

    1. Click View Links from the View Deployments screen. Click New Link and enter the link details:
      • Name: InSpace
      • URL:
    2. Once the link is created and shared at the Deployment level it is available to be added in all of the courses that the deployment was shared with above. Navigate to a course, and either choose an existing module or create a new one.
    3. Click Existing ActivitiesExternal Learning Tools and click on the LTI 1.3 link created previously.