How to create subspace descriptions in the Experience Hub

To help participants understand the purpose of a subspace, add a description to your spaces using the Experience Hub customization pop-up menu.

As of August 1, 2023, hosts creating InSpace Experience Hubs from the Dashboard or the Campus LMS integration can add subspace descriptions using the Experience ub customization pop-up menu. 

Learn the difference between types of InSpace sessions here.

When customizing an Experience Hub, hosts can add a Subspace description of up to 150 characters. 

Participants can see the Subspace description by hovering over a Subspace and clicking the 'Information' icon. The Subspace description card will disappear again once the participant presses 'Close.' 

A gif showing the steps to add a subspace description using the InSpace Experience Hub customization dialog box.


You can also add a Welcome Note using the same pop-up set up space menu!