Enhance One-On-One Discussions in Your Virtual Classroom with InSpace's Invite Over Feature

Discover how InSpace's Invite Over, Proximity Audio, and Locked Breakout Rooms can help you hold supportive conversations with students while staying connected to the rest of the class.

    Shutting yourself away in a separate breakout room is no longer the only way to have a quick conversation with a student or session attendee. Hold discrete one-on-ones, sidebars, and conferences, while staying connected to the rest of the room with InSpace Invite Over.

    InSpace's Invite Over feature allows you (or anyone else in your session) to initiate a conversation quickly. At the same time, Proximity Audio and Locked Breakout Rooms provide options for ensuring confidentiality while discussing accommodations, grades, or other matters.

    Visually-connected but sound-protected rooms, such as our breakout rooms and discussion rooms, create hallways where instructors and students can chat quickly. Simply drag your circle out of a room, hover over another participant's circle, and click 'Invite Over' to initiate the conversation.

    Proximity audio allows small groups to break away from the class for a quick question or clarification without being overheard. Participants simply need to drag their circles away from the group until they can no longer see the group's live videos.

    For more sensitive discussions of protected information, locked breakout rooms keep students and professors visually connected to the rest of the class.

    Hosts should click the 'Lock' icon on top of any breakout room to lock a room. This will require students to knock prior to joining a room and be admitted by the host.

    Try out each option to support your student's needs one-on-one while remaining connected to your whole class!