How InSpace Works for Hosts and Participants: Understanding Sessions and Toolbars

Discover how InSpace sessions work from the host and participant point of view, and learn about the in-session toolbars.

    InSpace uses two sets of toolbars. On the right side of the screen is the attendee toolbar, which is visible to all InSpace users. The host toolbar is located on the top left side of the screen and is only visible to hosts and co-hosts. 

    All InSpace users have the following capabilities in an InSpace session: 

    • Adjust audiovisual settings while in the session
    • Mute and unmute their own microphone
    • Turn video on and off; hide self video view; add a profile picture
    • Share their screen; share and collaborate using GSuite documents; share and collaborate using Miro Whiteboard; share YouTube videos; share a second camera feed
    • Request permission to present while another user is presenting
    • Raise hand
    • Broadcast to override proximity audio
    • View attendee list; invite attendees over; offer assistance to an attendee
    • Turn on automatic closed captioning for themselves
    • Zoom in and out on the space; move around the space freely
    • Pin another user's video to their gallery
    • Send chats to the host and other participants if the chat is enabled by the host
    • Edit and delete their own chats; download the chat
    • Move in and out of unlocked breakout rooms freely

    InSpace hosts and co-hosts have the following capabilities in addition to those listed above: 

    • Record the session; share the recording with others; download an .mp4 file of the session; create a transcript of the session; download a .vtt file of the transcript
    • Mute all users in the session; remove a user from the session. 
    • Change the setup of the session (breakout rooms, presentation room, discussion room)
    • Take over another user's presentation
    • Add and remove a co-host
    • Close a session completely so attendees cannot rejoin
    • Lock breakout rooms so that attendees must knock to enter the room
    • Turn proximity audio on and off
    • Assign breakout room numbers to attendees
    • Assign an attendee to type manual closed captions or provide StreamText closed captions