How to Use InSpace in Canvas LMS: A Step-by-Step Guide for Students

Accessing Virtual Office Hours, Student Space, and Classroom in InSpace Integration

    Welcome, students! 

    As a student, it's important to know how to access and use InSpace in your Canvas course to attend virtual office hours, join study groups, and collaborate with other students. This article provides a step-by-step guide on how to use InSpace in Canvas LMS, including accessing the InSpace integration, choosing the appropriate tab, and joining a session. Additionally, this article explains how InSpace works, the three places to meet and collaborate, and the analytics feature that allows your instructor to track your attendance. Make sure to keep your browser up to date and run the System Test before joining a session for a seamless InSpace experience.

    To find and use InSpace in Canvas, please follow these steps:

    1. Log in to your Canvas course
    2. Click the InSpace link in the Course Navigation menu. The Course Navigation menu is located on the left of your desktop screen, or in the hamburger menu on your mobile device.
    3. Click the “Get Started” button.
    4.  Once you have entered the InSpace area of your Canvas course, you will see several options: Classroom (where you can connect virtually with other students at any time), Office (where you can meet individually with your professor), and Chat (where you can participate in asynchronous messages anytime).

    InSpace for Canvas LMS provides your course with 3 places to meet and collaborate. As a student, you have access to Virtual Office Hours, the Student Space, the Classroom spaces, and the Chat. Your instructor is able to track your attendance using the Analytics feature. 

    Let's get to class! (Or office hours. Or study group. Or...) 

    1. First, use the Canvas Course Navigation Menu to open the InSpace Integration. 
    2. Then, choose which InSpace session you'd like to attend: Virtual Office Hours, Student Space, or Classroom. Click on the appropriate tab in the InSpace Integration. 
    3. Next, select Join Space. 
    4. The InSpace session's Join Screen will open in a new tab. On this screen, you can modify your name and pronouns. You can check your camera, speakers, and microphone. We also recommend using the Run system tests link to ensure that your computer and network are set up for a great InSpace experience. 
    5. When you are ready, click Join. Your session will open.

    InSpace is a browser-based application with no software installation or download. Therefore, it's important to keep your browser up to date when using InSpace. We recommend that everyone, especially first-time users, run our System Test before joining a session. The System Test is available on the Join Screen or while in a session (? > Run System Test).

    Watch the video to learn more about how the System Tests work and other tips for having a great session!