Pin to Gallery: How to Keep Key Supports Visible in InSpace Sessions

Individualized Support for Sign Language Interpreters, Instructional Aides, and More

    Keep key supports pinned to the gallery and always in view.  InSpace's Pin to Gallery feature provides a simple solution for attendees who want to keep certain participants visible at all times during their InSpace sessions. Whether it's a sign language interpreter, instructional aide, or second video feed of the instructor's whiteboard, attendees can customize their support with a single click. In this article, we'll explore how to use the Pin to Gallery feature and pair it with Offer Assistance for supporting ASL interpretation.

    Pin to Gallery allows individual users to keep certain participants 'pinned', or always visible, in their gallery view. Each user can pin their own selection of Sign Language interpreters, instructional aides or assistants, or even a second video feed of the instructor's whiteboard. It's differentiated and individualized support with a single click.  

    To use this feature, attendees have two options.

    Method 1:

    • To pin a user, locate the user on screen and hover over their circle.
    • Click the 'Pin Participant' icon (it looks like a rectangle-inside-a-rectangle).
    • Their video will appear as a large square on screen.
    • You can adjust the size by hovering over any of the corners.
    • Click and drag to move it around.

    Method 2:

    You can also pin a user by finding their name in the Attendee List.

    • Click the Attendee Icon on the lower right side of your screen in the toolbar.
    • Locate the user and click the three dots '...' next to their name.
    • Select 'Pin Participant.'
    • Each user can pin up to 4 other users at a time.

    Learn how to pair Gallery View with Offer Assistance for supporting ASL Interpretation with InSpace:


    InSpace's Pin to Gallery feature offers attendees the ability to tailor their support during sessions, ensuring key supports remain visible throughout. By following the simple steps outlined in this article, users can easily pin participants to their gallery view and adjust the size and location of their video feed. Pairing Pin to Gallery with Offer Assistance for supporting ASL interpretation provides a comprehensive solution for attendees who require individualized support.