Enhance Your ASL Interpretation Experience with InSpace's 'Offer Assistance' and 'Pin to Gallery View' Features

Ensure your ASL interpreter remains visible and follows you seamlessly throughout your InSpace session

    Combine our 'Offer Assistance' feature with 'Pin to Gallery View' to ensure that your ASL interpreter is able to seamlessly follow you through the space and remain in view throughout your session. 

    InSpace Pin to Gallery View allows users to keep certain participants pinned, or always visible, on their screen in a larger, square format. This is especially helpful for sessions requiring ASL interpretation in order to be accessible to their participants.

    To use this feature, attendees have two options. To pin a user, locate the ASL interpreter on screen and hover over their circle. Click the 'Pin Participant' icon (it looks like a rectangle-inside-a-rectangle). Their video will appear as a large square on screen. You can adjust the size by hovering over any of the corners. Click and drag to move it around.

    You can also pin an interpreter by finding their name in the Attendee List. Click the Attendee Icon on the lower right side of your screen in the toolbar. Locate the user and click the three dots '...' next to their name. Select 'Pin Participant.'

    Next, you'll want to ensure that the ASL interpreter is able to seamlessly follow you wherever you move in the InSpace session. The InSpace 'Offer Assistance' feature allows anyone in the space to request or offer assistance to another user. 

    Accepting an offer of assistance 'tethers' the users together and allows them to move through the space together.

    For ASL interpretation, use this feature to pair your interpreter with you as you move through the space. To use this feature, click the Attendee List, then click the three dots "..." next to your interpreter's name. Click 'Offer Assistance.'

    When they accept, they will be moved near to you and a small icon of your profile image will appear on their circle. No one else in the space can see this notification. When you move through the space, including into breakout rooms, they will follow you.

    By utilizing InSpace's 'Offer Assistance' and 'Pin to Gallery View' features together, ASL interpretation becomes more accessible and seamless for both users and interpreters. With the ability to keep the interpreter visible on the screen in a larger format and ensure they can follow the user throughout the session, InSpace continues to prioritize accessibility and inclusivity in its platform.