How to add sub-accounts to your InSpace Group License

As a Group Administrator, learn how to add sub-accounts to your InSpace license for others in your organization to use.

      An InSpace Group Administrator takes on administrative responsibilities for a group of InSpace accounts at your company or institution. InSpace Group Administrators can add sub-accounts to your group license. Once you have been set up as the Group Administrator, you may wish to add sub-accounts to your group license so that others in your group can use InSpace. 

      To add sub-accounts, follow these steps:

      1. Log in to your InSpace account, then go to the Dashboard. 
      2. On your InSpace dashboard, click the 'Sub-Accounts' tab on the left side of your screen.
      3. Click the purple 'Create Sub-Account' button to add your colleagues to your group license plan.
      4. Type your colleague's name ("Sub-account name") and their email address where indicated.
      5. Click Save.

      Once you click 'Save' your colleague will receive an email letting them know they have been added to your group account. They will be given instructions in the email to finish setting up their InSpace account.