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How do InSpace Breakout Rooms work?

InSpace Breakout Rooms are visually connected, allowing facilitators to observe everyone while keeping the community productive and on track.

Set up your Space

The 'Set up space' button allows you to change the InSpace session set up, or configuration.

  • The choices are Main Room, which can have proximity audio enabled or disabled to allow for natural conversations and small groups. Participants can move through this space freely and engage in multiple conversations without interrupting each other.
  • The Discussion Room is great for smaller groups and includes one large breakout room with an outer hallway area.
  • The Presentation Room seats all participants around a presenter's screen shared by anyone in the session and also includes a hallway. Participants aren't pinned to their seats and can move to the front of the room when it's their turn to present.
  • Finally, Breakout Rooms are audio-isolated rooms for collaboration. They're available in multiple configurations and also include a hallway for quick side conversations. When opening breakout rooms, you'll also have the option to automatically assign attendees to a room.

It's important to note that anywhere within the InSpace platform, if you're in a room with someone, everyone can hear each other. Additionally, any user can always share their screen inside of a room to just a few participants or outside the room with the whole space.

With just a few clicks, you can transform your set up while maintaining visual connection to your whole session. As educators, we understand that the setup of the classroom can significantly impact student learning outcomes. InSpace offers a unique solution to this challenge with multiple room options that can be customized to meet your instructional goals and the needs of your students. From the Main Room with proximity audio to the Discussion Room for smaller groups, the Presentation Room for interactive presentations, and Breakout Rooms for collaborative work, you have the flexibility to create the ideal learning environment. With just a few clicks, you can switch between configurations to meet the changing needs of your lesson.

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